Come Aboard and Preserve, Protect & Relocate the Pleasant Valley Rail Road Station


The Vision

dcas-pleasant-valley-train-relocationThe Dutchess County Agricultural Society (DCAS) and The Century Museum Village & Collectors Association* are working together to fulfill a vision for a Hudson Valley historic landmark—the Pleasant Valley Rail Road Station—and make it fully accessible to over 500,000 visitors annually at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.

Moved once already, the station is parked temporarily next to a school in Dutchess County. Unfortunately, limited access does not allow the community nor visitors to our region the opportunity to view this important structure integral to the Hudson Valley’s historic story, and the building must be relocated to a permanent home or risk being lost.

*The Association is a group of enthusiasts from all walks of life, who are dedicated to preserving their rural heritage. The Museum Village consists of the large museum building and a separate blacksmith shop containing a series of exhibits designed to show rural life in the 1870 to 1930 era.

The Relocation Project – your help is needed


Research and artifact collection has been completed, and the Fairgrounds is committed to maintaining this Hudson Valley treasure for all once it is relocated to Rhinebeck. The DCAS will commence relocation of the station to the Fairgrounds’ Antique Museum Village immediately after this year’s Fair. The project’s total cost is $263,055, more than half of which has been raised to date. Your help is needed to meet the challenge grant provided by the Dyson Foundation of Millbrook, NY.

button-donateYou Can Help

Be part of this historic legacy and help make it accessible to everyone who comes to the Fairgrounds every year. Donate online now, or download and fill out the information on the back panel of this form and mail it with your donation. Thank you for your generous support. All Aboard!

Brief History of Railroads in Dutchess County

dcas-pleasant-valley-train-station-2dcas-pleasant-valley-train-relocationdcas-pleasant-valley-train-stationdcas-pleasant-valley-train-relocation-project Dutchess County’s internal rail network had provided a valuable service to industrial businesses and farmers. Prior to the arrival of railroads, products had been exported beyond county borders on the Hudson River. The trip from New Hamburg to New York City by river took approximately 12 hours. By rail, the same trip took less than 3. This faster delivery service caused a growth in business and a larger distribution of farm products, especially fresh milk.  Furthermore, educational opportunity increased. The Railroad provided children with the opportunity to commute to larger centers to attend high school, thereby continuing their education. The DCAS is looking to continue the spread of education about the great industrial era of the railroad, and its importance to our community. In doing so, the Pleasant Valley Railroad Station will be accessible to everyone who comes to the Fairgrounds every year. Review the following proposal overview for more information.

The Proposal Overview